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  • Please keep your message clean and absolutely no profanity.
  • If you happen to have a complaint about any Jaycees Fair event, please be polite, rude comments are very uncalled for.
  • Absolutely NO personal attacks towards the Jaycees, volunteer, or member of the Jaycees will be tolerated.
As long as the rules are followed, you may message all you want. I have a great deal of respect for what the Jaycees do, how much effort they put into preparing for the Fair, running the Fair, and not to mention their tireless dedication to the community.

Due to previous issues with unruly posters' we have implemented a little policy. In order to post a message thread or vote in any polls, you will first have to register a name or nickname. Once you have done this, you may participate. Anonymous posting will no longer be allowed.

*Message Board Disclaimer*

"The Message Board Moderator reserves the right to remove any message deemed improper". If you have a complaint about these rules, you may email me Message board moderator . I will read and consider your complaint.

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